Saturday, February 27, 2010

Handmade vs. Store-Bought

I can only speak from a female perspective here, but I would guess it's the same for guys — certain clothes just make you feel good. For men, it might be a tux, a really nice suit, or even just a new pair of jeans. For me, it's a really nice, well-fitting dress (of which there aren't many in my wardrobe, if any). Especially when it's a dress that makes you feel like a princess.

My mom asked if she could take me wedding-dress shopping today, so of course I said yes. She and my dad had spotted a bridal store near their house on a recent car trip, so I met my mom there today and we proceeded to pick out about five dresses I liked. The saleslady later brought several more options. Here are a couple of the top contenders:

There were two other dresses that really piqued my interest as well, but because I couldn't decide on one, we decided to wait. I can't wait too long, however, as the wedding is in less than seven months.

Another option is that my mother can sew my wedding dress herself, which appeals to me not only for the sentimental value but also because I admire anything handmade. If we can't find the right dress in a store, we are going to look for bridal patterns at a fabric store. I imagine it will make my wedding day even more special knowing that I am wearing a dress my mother created.

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April said...

Very pretty! How exciting! I think the dress is my favorite part. When will we ever wear something like it again?! It would be so special if your mom made your dress.