Sunday, April 04, 2010

I Love Brunch

Of all the meals you can eat in a week, surely brunch is the best. By definition, it's a combination of two meals (breakfast and lunch), which gives you license to linger over the meal for a couple of hours, at least, and truly savor it. The fare is usually delicious (my favorites are smoked salmon, cream cheese, eggs, pastries, crepes, Dutch-style pancakes, and a good cup of coffee to finish it off). Not to mention, when else is it acceptable to drink alcohol before noon? (Mimosas!)


April said...

I agree! I love brunch too!!! It is just so civilized. :-)

criticalcrass said...

yep. brunch is definitely the best.

longtime no "see"! how've you been?

Tara said...

It has definitely been a long time. Things have been good. B & I are getting married in September, finally! :-) How is everything with you? What have you been up to?