Monday, August 03, 2009

Do What You Gotta Do

Today I was in Petsmart after work. While I was was browsing the back aisle in a failed attempt to find the probiotics and digestive enzymes that the holistic vet recommended for my dog, a man with torn blue jeans and a white shirt approached the grooming counter asking for directions somewhere. The girl behind the counter seemed to know the area well, asking him if he'd come up from the north or south direction of a nearby street and trying to help him find his way. He explained that he'd just been hired at a new job and had taken the bus to this part of town to report for work, and now he was lost. I didn't hear the whole conversation, but she did her best to help him and then offered him $2 to pay for another bus ticket. He welcomed the offer but said, "I'm not trying to ask for money." She told him not to worry about it — "You do what you gotta do," she said.

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