Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Kermit the Dog

Tonight, I was sitting in front of my computer struggling to write my daily blog post. My dog kept coming up next to me, pawing at me and whining for attention. She even brought her chew bone over so that I could hold it for her while she gnawed at it (yes, she's spoiled). My irritation level was rising — not with her but with the situation, which at that moment was me unable to write a decent post. I scratched my dog behind the ear and she tilted her head in a way my fiancĂ© and I call the "Kermit face" — she looks just like Kermit the Frog when she does it. Her jowls scrunch up on one side and her mouth gets long. It's a really funny look that makes me chuckle every time.

When I saw the Kermit face, I realized there was something more important than the blog post to occupy myself with. So, I shut my laptop and focused my attention on her. Rather than forcing myself to write about a topic that obviously wasn't coming naturally to me, evidenced by how long I was sitting there thinking about the post, I decided to interrupt the cycle of irritation and enjoy myself. And look, afterward I came up with this totally spontaneous post that you're reading right now! The other one I was working on is saved in my Drafts folder. Who knows, maybe it will make its debut some other day.

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