Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Give Up

My dog has learned how to open doors that swing outward. This is a big deal because previously, she only knew how to open doors that swung into the room, meaning that she could wiggle the knob with her paw and then push the door inward.

Tonight, I decided to take a bath, so I closed the bathroom door, thinking it would keep her out while I relaxed with my magazine and glass of white wine (made from organic grapes!). But, she wiggled the doorknob enough to crack open the door, and then she nosed her way in. So this means no door is impenetrable for her now, unless it's locked.

After she broke in, she began licking my elbow profusely — she likes the taste of the L'Occitane bath bubbles that I use.

It's easy to shut out those who care about you — but unlike my dog, most of them won't claw at the door until they get in. Usually, they'll give up.

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