Sunday, August 09, 2009

It's My Party

My fiancé and I were trying to plan my 30th birthday party this evening. We tossed around ideas include renting a beach house for the weekend with friends (would be fun, but beach houses can be expensive), doing a pub crawl around our neighborhood (would be a good excuse to explore the plethora of new bars and lounges popping up around us), and renting a cabin in the Texas hill country for a weekend (would be relaxing but many of my friends can't go out of town for a weekend due to kids, jobs, etc.).

I don't want to do the usual going-out-to-a-restaurant-with-friends or the typical throw-a-party-at-home-and-invite-people-over. This is a milestone birthday for me, and I want to celebrate it differently. The trick is figuring out what I am more likely to be in the mood for by the time my birthday rolls around — a relaxing weekend away with few or no other people with us, or a night spent roaming from one loud, crowded bar to another with lots of friends along for the fun. Perhaps there is another option we haven't thought of yet that will be a perfect middle path between the two.

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